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Superheroes in Taiwan: Photos of Imported Defenders

Spider-Man getting ready to swing through Taipei's Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store.

Spider-Man getting ready to swing through Taipei’s Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store.

As a kid, superheroes were mostly constrained to comic books and Saturday morning cartoons.  Now, they are the focus of $250 million films and you can find them plastered on anything.  They are also incredibly popular in Taiwan, which has led to finding them in some unexpected places.  I’ve always found Taiwan to be a safe country, but it’s good to have some watchful protectors just in case.  Here are some photos of unusual appearances by various masked heroes all over Taiwan.

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Neiwan 內灣: Enjoy Ginger Rice Dumplings At This Off-Beat Old Street

Zongzi (糭子), Neiwan Old Street's signature snack.

Zongzi, Neiwan Old Street’s signature snack.

Like Pingxi, Neiwan 內灣 is a small township that can be accessed via a special train line.  Though ignored for decades, it recently became a tourist boom thanks to its old street highlighted by zongzi (粽子), a rice dumpling wrapped in leaves.  The zongzi in Neiwan is special as it’s wrapped in ginger leaves and thus has a distinctive taste.  Though Neiwan is not as scenic as other old streets, it’s filled with great food and quirkiness that makes it worth a visit.  Check out my pictures for more information.

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